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Presented by Peter Vaughan, M.A., R.C.C., R.S.W

Peter Vaughan has been leading workshops for couples since 1986, mostly using material which he personally authored and created. Since 2006, his interest in couples' workshops has focused on helping couples to access and benefit from the ground-breaking research of Dr. John Gottman.

Gottman's 35 years of studying relationships reveal the secrets of success practiced by the couples he refers to as "masters of marriage". These marriages not only survive, they also thrive through good and bad times. He also discovered the predictable and often preventable habits that plagued the "disasters of marriage". Gottman has authored forty books and 190 articles on his findings, including the New York Times' bestseller The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

Peter will bring Gottman's research alive with stories from his own marriage of over 30 years, enhanced by Power Point slides and short clips from Hollywood movies and TV advertisements.

Workshop Listing:

Foundations of Romantic Friendship, 1.5 hours

Gottman has discovered that the happiest couples in North America are building their romantic friendship in three distinct ways. Peter will introduce you to theses three research proven ways of building and maintaining the connection in your relationship. You and your partner will also have a chance to complete three pen and paper exercises to apply these tools together.

Couples and Their Perpetual Problems, 1.5 hours

Gottman has observed that many of the challenges facing unhappy couples come from apparent incompatibilities and clashes in personality, preferences and lifestyle. He also saw the "Masters of Marriage" navigate through some big differences on the very same issues that were sinking other couples. Peter will share how they did it, and how you can too. Pen and paper exercises give you some take-away tools.

Building Friendship in Marriage, half day

This workshop is an expanded version of 3 Foundations of Romantic Friendship and provides a greater glimpse into the research behind Gottman's Sound Relationship House (SRH) theory. The SRH theory ties together Gottman's 35 years of research into a comprehensive map of why some couples succeed and others fail in their relationships. Pen and paper exercises give you some take-away tools.

Addressing Conflict in Marriage, half day

This workshop is an expanded version of Couples and Their Perpetual Problems. Gottman became the subject of much media attention and the general public's awareness through his outstanding work on divorce prediction. Peter will highlight the key features of couple's conflict from Gottman's research that predict the likelihood of marital happiness, discord or disintegration. Pen and paper exercises will give you some take-away tools.