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West Vancouver Therapy (WVT) and its principals believe that the professionals listed on our website represent the best help that we know of in West Vancouver, British Columbia. They are specialists, and have developed their expertise through significant experience, advanced education, certification, continuing education, and personal development. They have demonstrated expertise and significant experience in their active and successful practices. However whenever a listing service is offered, it is necessary to issue a disclaimer.

The following is our disclaimer and we ask for an acceptance of these terms.

  1. WVT specialists practice independently and they are not supervised or monitored by WVT and its principals. WVT is not compensated by the specialist for any referral which may result from the use of this website.
  2. Although WVT has made significant effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this website, WVT does not provide any warranties related to this information.
  3. In no event shall WVT or its principals be liable for damages to any user of this listing service for the voluntary selection of a specialist, for the services provided, or for any other damages which may occur.

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