Welcome to West Vancouver Therapy!

The idea for the WVT site emerged as I was re-designing my personal website in 2008. Frankly, I wasn't very inspired. Yet another website telling you why you should choose me over the other excellent choices for therapy and coaching services.

Why not something more helpful?

Yes, I want to tell you about me. But why not also highlight the services of the professionals I would choose of I needed help with my marriage, my kids, my own personal or workplace issues? I would seek the best help available, someone who specializes in my area of need; someone who has a busy and successful practice and is well regarded by their peers and clients alike; and ideally someone who practices close to where I live or work.

It was this inspiration that became the raison d'etre of WVT.

Now here's an interesting challenge. Most of the professional helpers on these pages, myself included, work with diverse issues using several different approaches. Yet each was asked to choose only one specialization of particular passion to share with the WVT community. For myself, I chose to highlight my work in Gottman Method Therapy.

I invite you to look around and see what else is happening in West Vancouver. My sincere hope is that your best interests are served in these pages!

Peter Vaughan, M.A., R.C.C., R.S.W.