Hello, I'm Jim Browning. Welcome to our website.

Working for almost 30 years as a psychologist and an administrator of psychological services, I have had many occasions to recommend other psychologists and therapists to both clients and friends.

Experienced practitioners are in an excellent position to make informed recommendations because we know what it takes to be a good therapist and are most familiar with our colleague's skills and abilities as well as the intangible personality or style aspects of their practice. I have tended to make these recommendations on an individual basis, when someone asks me. Peter Vaughan's idea of creating a website to formalize the process of making these recommendations was appealing in that it is possible to reach more people with information about who we have confidence will do a good job in helping with a problem.

The fact the there is no direct benefit or profit going to the principals of this website for these recommendations should give you the confidence that the suggestions provided are made with your welfare in mind and without self-interest. These are truly competent people whose work we know well. We hope our website is helpful!

I invite you to look around and see what else is happening in West Vancouver. My sincere hope is that your best interests are served in these pages!

Jim Browning, Ph.D., R.Psych